Our child-centred curriculum draws inspiration from a variety of approaches - from Reggio to Suzuki to Waldorf.

In addition to visual art, drama, music and creative movement, nature and the environment play an important part in our classroom.

Monthly field trips take our learning out of the classroom and into the community.

Visual Art

Children explore an ever-changing variety of materials and media and learn about the styles and techniques of artists such Bob Boyer, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Children are encouraged to respond in their own unique way, offering the opportunity for experimentation, imagination, and just plain fun!


Our unique drama program uses puppetry, masks, costumes, and a lot of imagination!

Through an improvised and collaborative approach to drama, children explore real and imaginary worlds in a creative and exciting environment that is also safe and supportive.


The benefits of music are numerous, from proven positive effects on brain development, to boosting listening skills and concentration. At Preschool Fine Arts Co-operative, children are introduced to musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, timbre, tempo and dynamics through their participation in various musical activities. They have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of percussion instruments, as well as glockenspiels, hand bells, guitars and more! Throughout the year, children make instruments which they get to take home when they graduate from preschool.

Creative Movement

Creative movement activities are designed to give children exposure to a broad range of actions and musical styles.

Scarves, ribbon sticks, hula hoops, and a giant parachute all help to stimulate movement and the imagination!

  Field Trips

Our field trips are used to expand the learning environment beyond the class room and to explore in our community.

In the past we've had field trips to the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina Floral Conservatory, Globe Theatre, Conservatory of Performing Arts, Regina Public Library, Saskatchewan Science Centre, Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Darian Dairy Farm.