Preschool COVID response procedures and information

Our Preschool takes COVID-19 very serious and takes pride in providing a safe space for children and families.

Our Preschool has always been safe and clean.

Now, we are SPARKLING🌟

We are going the extra mile to keep your child safe during this pandemic.

þ Daily screening of temperatures with no touch thermometer

þ Increased cleaning and sanitization (see below for more on how we are cleaning the classroom)

þ All cleaning materials are Health Canada approved

þ Virtual Tours of the Preschool

þ Physical distancing of Teachers and children when possible

þ Small class sizes to reduce contagion risks

Our Preschool is following the COVID-19 Policies and Procedures as set out by the Provincial and Municipal authorities, as well as the MacKenzie Art Gallery.  See links for detailed information.

In between every class:
  • Teachers thoroughly disinfect and sanitize all surfaces, art supplies, musical instruments and toys,
  • We rotate toys,
  • We clean surfaces throughout the class,
  • We are also washing and sanitizing our hands several times per day along with the children,
  • Teachers wear masks,
  • Some children wear masks, although it is optional, and
  • We practice physical distancing when possible.


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